Dr. Barbara J. Ries

Dr. Barbara J. Ries


I feel very fortunate to be an orthodonist.  My team is a wonderful group of talented and skilled women, who make our office a warm and friendly place.  It is rewarding to see the transformation patients go through with their treatment.  I couldn’t be more blessed for all this profession has given me.

Education and Continuing Education

For my dental education, I attended the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. Following dental school, I completed an additional two years of orthodontic study at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry where I received extensive training in growth and development. I focus on  positioning the teeth so that they can work in union with the jaw allowing one to speak, bite, and chew comfortably and effectively. As a bonus,  teeth and jaws that work well tend to look good, too.

Though my formal education is complete, my learning hasn’t stopped. In order to stay current with emerging methods, I attend numerous continuing education courses and seminars every year. These courses allow me to network with other orthodontists and help us learn from each other. I also complete many hours engaged in online courses and webinars. These grant me more educational opportunities while limiting the time I am away from the office.

As a part of my continuing education, I am an active member of the following professional organizations: